Schools need a simple way to take payments and donations.

Key Features

  • Process Payments of school fees and donation
  • Set up donation contests
  • Geo-location business and school
  • Connect with Donor Businesses Via the Schoopon platform
  • Publish coupons socially from donor businesses
  • Earn commissions on redeemed coupons

About Schoolsavers

Powered by the Generate4School platform, Schoolsavers allows schools to collect payments and donations easily. SchoolSavers is a payment platform that allows schools to collect school fees and set up donation contests between teachers and students for matters relating to the school. The platform includes custom functionality specifically designed for schools. Payments and donations handled through this platform are processed at the lowest rates possible. The application is fully EMV compliant and built on the clover, iOS and Android platforms. All payments are securely processed through the First Data payment gateway.


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